NAM NOTICE – C J Ball breakfast run: We have a change of plan…

NAM NOTICE – We have a change of plan…

C J Ball breakfast run was to be Sunday 24 September
but as I’ve busy and no-one had registered their name
(was it the 06.45 hrs start…) I had a chat to Chris and
it’s now The Brunch Run 10.00am Saturday 14 October
C J BALL in the 1950s…
Suzuki | Honda
Arrive 09.00hrs and there will be a bacon buttie for you,
eat, choose your bike and go.  On return Chris will provide
a brunch.  All you do is gas up the tank on your return.
It’s probably the best way ever to choose your next bike
with no pressure.  Names please as soon as possible.

Cheers Paul m: 07834-600665

NAM NOTICE i2i Training Course

NAM NOTICE i2i Training Course
Want to improve your riding… then book a session with
Tom Killeen at i2i.  I’ve been on two and rate them.
Tom also works with Safe Rider Team in Norwich. 
Move fast – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
Regards Paul m: 07834-600665

“as is”


Many thanks for previously registering your interest in our Norfolk based courses at RAF Coltishall. We are thankfully finally in a position to confirm that we can run our events at this venue again this year. Hurray!!

As you are on our ‘interest registered list’ for our events at Norfolk, we are granting you a period of time to book a place via our website before they are announced on our Face Book page. Therefore, please visit our website before Tues (27th June) to book the date and event you would like to do! (I will be adding

Here are the dates that will be available to book:
(MC1 = Machine Control 1, MC3 = Machine Control 3, KD = Kneedown Course.)

Monday 7th August – MC1 – 8am – 2pm
Monday 7th August – KD – 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday 8th AugustMC1 – 8am – 2pm
Tuesday 8th AugustKD – 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Wednesday 9th August MC1 – 8am – 2pm
Wednesday 9th August – KD – 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Thursday 10th August – MC3 – 8am – 2pm
Thursday 10th AugustKD – 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Monday 25th September – MC1 – 8am – 2pm
Monday 25th September – KD – 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday 26th SeptemberMC1 – 8am – 2pm
Tuesday 26th SeptemberKD – 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Wednesday 27th September MC1 – 8am – 2pm
Wednesday 27th September – KD – 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Thursday 28th September – MC3 – 8am – 2pm

Thursday 28th SeptemberKD – 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Full payment secures your place on the event and the system should send you a booking confirmation email also. Then, closer to the event date itself, I shall contact you and send you PDFs documents with all the info you require etc, including directions. (The events will be held at RAF Coltishall, Norfolk, NR10 5AJ.)

MC1 = £150 – (on your OWN bike)
MC3 = £150 – (on your OWN bike)
KD = £230 – (on OUR bike)
​Anyone that books all three courses receives a 10% discount – please call us if you wish to book all 3, as we will need to apply the discount for you.

** Please note that MC3 follows on from MC1, so everyone MUST do MC1 first before they do MC3, no matter how experienced you are, otherwise you will not gain the full benefit from MC3, nor will it make sense to you.  ​
You can do MC1 with NO obligation to do any further training with us if you do not wish to, however, most people who attend usually want to do more!

The ‘Kneedown’ course can be done first/ last/ on its own – it’s up to you, although we do find that if you wish to do all 3 courses, that Kneedown works better as a finale to the three. If it’s cornering you mainly want to improve on, then come and do the ‘Kneedown’ coursewhether or not you manage to get your knee down is not important to us, although most people do! This course is essentially an advanced cornering course, designed to make you feel happier and more confident in the corners.

Please visit our website for further course information – See the course ‘Factsheets‘ to see what is covered on each course!

I hope this helps. If you require any further help or information then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Warm regards,
Emma Jane & Tom
Tel: 01430 330170 / 07968837974 (Tom)  Email: [email protected] 
i2imca Office: 1 York Close, Market Weighton, York, YO43 3EG

NAM Newsletter 312 July-August 2017

click image to view or download newsletter pdf

NAM Newsletter 312 July-August 2017

Photos taken at Thornham 6-8-17 supplied by Noel Codling

Hi  Mr. Editor.

Just a couple of photos taken at Thornham. 6-8-17.

Best regards

Noel Codling

I know group members are getting older – but:-

Also . “What’s that in the grass?”  John Prentice wonders. “A dead body?”

No. It’s Colin Wade. Relaxing!

Photos Scotland Tour 2015

Photos Scotland Tour 2015

Courtesy Philip Sherriff – click to view

DSC01147 DSC01146 DSC01145 DSC01144 DSC01142 DSC01141 DSC01140 DSC01139 DSC01138 DSC01137 DSC01136 DSC01135 DSC01134 DSC01133 DSC01132 DSC01131 DSC01130 DSC01129 DSC01128 DSC01127 DSC01126 DSC01125 DSC01124 DSC01123 DSC01122 DSC01121 DSC01120 DSC01119 DSC01118 DSC01117 DSC01116 DSC01114 DSC01113 DSC01112 DSC01111 DSC01110 DSC01109 DSC01108 DSC01107 DSC01106 DSC01105 DSC01103 DSC01102 DSC01101 DSC01100 DSC01099 DSC01098 DSC01097 DSC01096 DSC01095 DSC01094 DSC01093 DSC01092 DSC01091 DSC01090 DSC01089 DSC01088 DSC01087 DSC01086 DSC01085 DSC01084 DSC01083 DSC01082 DSC01081 DSC01080 DSC01079 DSC01078 DSC01077 DSC01075 DSC01074 DSC01073 DSC01072 DSC01071 DSC01070 DSC01068 DSC01067 DSC01066 DSC01065 DSC01064 DSC01063 DSC01061 DSC01060 DSC01059 DSC01058 DSC01057 DSC01056 DSC01055 DSC01054 DSC01053 DSC01052 DSC01051 DSC01050 DSC01049 DSC01048 DSC01047 DSC01046 DSC01045 DSC01044 DSC01043 DSC01042 DSC01041 DSC01040 DSC01039

Crazy Lady

Crazy Lady

1st March 2015

Usual NAM Sunday morning meet- up, Ruth and I where teamed up with Matt & Marion, for an un-observed ride. Matt suggested an alternative route and Ruth & I where keen to tag along. Our route eventually ran parallel with the official one, Ringland Lane and the A1067 respectively, with Matt and Marion leading, then Ruth followed by myself. Through a large puddle followed by mud, which the others avoided apart from myself, with the bike and I going in different directions. This all happened so quickly, I remembered Neil Frame telling us, on a recent 1st Aid course, to stay still and NOT to jump up straight away, as I lay there, hoping I had not broken any bones.


Then the others realised I was not behind them, about turn to my rescue, Ruth shouting “Do NOT look at your bike”. I was made to sit still while my bike was stood back up and we all inspected the damage. Dented petrol tank, air filter off, indicator dangling and handle bars twisted.

After studying a map to establish our location, I rang the AA ETA about an hour. They also informed me as this was an accident, with no one else involved, there would be a recovery charge if the bike could not be made road worthy. While we waited Matt studied the bike, his brain ticking over, as how to get the bike back home. Luckily I had a few tools and Matt set about making a few alterations.


After cancelling the AA I was shadowed home by Matt, Marion and Ruth. Many Thanks.

What a HARD way to learn to carry a copy of my insurance with me. After several phone calls to the AA and my insurance company to establish what to do if this ever happens again.



2 Girls, 2 Bikes another Adventure

Ambleside September 2014 (5th -14th)


Met Alison, at usual place & time, Tesco Dereham 5am.Again dark damp and foggy, she was reprimanded for being late, by a few minutes, blamed me for the unsociable time of the day.

Taking the A47, A17, A1 and A1M after a few early stops to adjust Alison’s luggage, re-adjusting the rucksack she had bunged on, Alison packed for England.

A left hand turn just before Sutton Bridge the wrong direction, we had another stop to re-adjust baggage, turning around heading back for Sutton Bridge.

8:20am stop for breakfast off the A1, a Little Chef and as little Chef’s go this one was not too bad. Back on the bikes, still foggy and drizzly, up the A1 and A1M to Ripon then heading for Pateley Bridge, Grassington, B6160 to Buckden and on to the A684, some fabulous roads, heading to Aysgarth.

A stop at Aysgarth Falls Hotel, sitting outside at the back of the pub overlooking the beautiful country side and hills, we have stopped here before, so if you are ever in the area, we highly recommend you have a pit stop here.

We rode onto Hawes, on the A684, in the warm sunshine, through Sedbergh to Kendal, turned onto the A591 to our destination in Ambleside town centre, a lovely self –catering cottage, with all mod-cons with beautiful comfy open plan living area, 2 beds rooms and 2 en–suite shower rooms .Unlashed the bikes, weather getting hotter, this is where Alison discovers she has not packed any shorts. A cup of coffee and a walk onto town to do a bit of retail shopping, an hour later Alison has two pairs of shorts and four T shirts.


We headed for the Filling Mill, a wine bar, hoping for an ice cold pint of Guinness, it was in the title wine bar, guess what no Guinness. So, had to, settled for a large glass of wine and a pint of Coke for Alison 6pm and still warm. A wonder back, through town, to base camp where we perused the maps for next day’s ride. Showered and changed, and back into town for dinner at Zeffiellis restaurant, well Ambleside has some great eating places and we can recommend all the ones we went into, wonderful meal of pasta with 2 non-alcoholic drinks. Sitting outside, watching the world going by, as we dined. Yet again it was lovely and warm. We were good girls and refused desert, this time. Wondered back to base camp looking over the maps again and off to bed at 11 pm.


Wake early to good weather, took a cup of tea back to bed, then a quick walk to the bakery for fresh bread, Alison laid the table and made a cafeteria of coffee, all very civilised. Out riding by 8:30am on the A591 out of Ambleside up to Patterdale, an area Alison had not been back to since a school holiday aged 11, and of cause did not recognise it. Great riding and lovely roads then onto A66 to Keswick taking the B5292 to Whenlatter Pass turned down onto B5289 to Buttermere another wonderful road.

Oh no, another lunch stop at the Croft House Farm Café, sausage bap for Alison and brie & cranberry baguette for me, followed by double scoops of home-made ice cream, no wonder we are having problems fitting in our biking gear. Then off again via B5289 past Crummock Water to Honister Pass. Passed the busy slate mines back to Keswick, passed Bassenthwaite Lake, Derwent Lake, onto Thirlmere for a tea stop at the Kings Head, still very warm and sunny, as we head back into Ambleside we hit all the work traffic. A cheeky glass of wine to chill out while checking out next day’s route to Moffat with an over night’s stay.


8am breakfast and heading to Moffat via A591, A684and A6 great roads again sweeping bends and not many cars, just bikes, sun is shining, into the clouds for a chilly ride then back down to the warmth. Quick stop then onto M6, Junction 44, Langholm, A7 and B709 to Eskdalemuir fabulous roads, no traffic for miles, in the back of beyond, beautiful countryside passed Ettrick onto Yarrowford. Lots of bikes about and had to keep a watchful eye out for the wondering sheep. Overnight stay at great B&B, The Buchan Guest House, very welcoming hosts, great bedrooms en suite, large sitting room to use. All with tea, coffee, and bottles of water, biscuits and bowls of sweats 10/10 highly recommend .


Overlooking the bowling green and hills. Unpacked and wandered into Moffat as Alison had forgotten to pack any trousers. Another quick 20minutes shopping trip, I must teach her what to pack, a short walk to burn off some of the calories from over indulging. Low and behold I catch a glimpse of young Ian Soulsby, my observer ,whizzing by on his bike. All those miles from home and you spot someone you know, what a small world.


Up at 7 am wonderful breakfast too much food to list .Bikes packed and on our way, sunny and bright heading on the A701& A72 to Pebbles and Selkirk, A7, A689, B6277 to Newbiggin. Then A66 to Brough via Appleby-in-Westmorland, A685 back to Kendal arriving back at Ambleside at 7.30pm. A long day but some great biking roads. We will return, to Moffat, in 2015.


10am, thought a lay in was in order, left for Windermere, Kendal and Sedbergh. Stop off at Fairfield Mill, a place we have visited before, for coffee and lovely homemade cakes. Onward on the A685 and B6259 to Kirby Stephens, high police presence, took a right to Muker, Grinton, Reeth and Tan Hill, fabulous roads but far too many sheep wandering about. Last stop off in Windermere to look at the lake.



Off via Sebergh to Hawes stopped for coffee, at the local bikers hang out, and a chat. Rode onto Long Preston, Kirby Lonsdale and stopped at Devils Bridge. As usual Alison got chatting to the local bikers, while I went off to take photographs of the scenery. Followed a young lad on a 125cc, on our way back, carrying everything except the kitchen sink, with what looked like a fishing rod or rifle across his chest wobbling and weaving along. He decided to wave us past on a bend, we did not take up the offer to overtake.



Off via Windermere, Kendal and Sedbergh to Dent then beautiful Deepdale. No traffic about, lovely warm sunny day, onto small narrow unclassified roads into the small quant village of Stone. We rode onto Slaidburn, empty roads again, whizzing along with the wind in our hair! Ok… well not exactly, but through the vents in our gear, as weather getting warmer throughout the day. Riding down passed the Fells, avoiding the sheep yet again that had obviously escaped from behind enemy lines, heading towards Rubbleshead viaduct, where a few more sheep were loitering.


Another coffee stop and Alison, again, chatting with fellow bikers from Preston, out as the weather so good. Off to Alison’s favourite pie shop /café at Waddington for lunch, they do make wonderful homemade pies; we had to wait for a table outside to sit in the wonderful sun still warm with clear blue skies. Back on the road A59 and A65 getting very tired and hot we stopped to try and revive ourselves at a brassiere, several coffees later with no affect, we lie on the grass verge and fell asleep hoping this would revive us. We then headed onto Ingleton, via a petrol station for a Red Bull, then via Kirby Lonsdale and back to base camp.



Our final day of a wonderful holiday could not have asked for better weather, accommodation or roads back the way we went, a most enjoyable time was had by all and back home safe and sound.

If anyone needs recommendations for coffee, lunch or dinner stops please ask as this would have been 3 times as long if I had mentioned them all.


It is with great sadness that we have to record the death of David Walter




It is with great sadness that we have to record the death of David Walter, a popular and stalwart founder member of the Norfolk Advanced Motorcylists group (NAM).


Those of you who knew David Walter might
like to know there’s to be a service at 11.30am
on Thursday 13th November – St Mary’s Church,
St Mary’s Close, Wroxham, NR12 8S


David retired from the police several years ago, where he’d been a Class 1 police motor-cyclist and was enjoying his retirement part of which was an extended touring adventure through Europe with wife Mel; the other half of a biking partnership.  David was an active man and not one to sit on the sidelines – which is how this tragedy came to take place.  He drowned while attempting to save others who were in difficulties in the sea off the coast of Spain.  Thankfully they survived but sadly David did not.

David founded Norfolk Advanced Motorcyclists back in 1984 with the first meeting being held at The Dun Cow on the A140 south of Norwich.  The ‘raison d’etre’ of the club, “NAM” as it’s commonly known, was to provide advanced training to all those with an interest in motorcycling; training based on the police manual “Roadcraft”.  Today with much owed to David’s early guidance nothing much has changed, we still work to those exact same standards using the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) manual.

His involvement in NAM was total and it was due to his passion for the club that our current chairman and a new committee were appointed when the club went through a difficult patch several years ago.  David was always promoting NAM and he organised many events in the early years, helping with local events, raising money for charities including MacMillan Cancer Support.  These would typically involve some memorable long distant rides, sometimes with teams of riders going through the night to complete a challenge within a 24 hour period – all in a good cause.

Apart from NAM David was the Regional Coordinator for the IAM (motorbike section) covering the whole of the East of England where he’d use his experience to offer advice and support to other groups.  For sure he was a superb motorbike rider, he was also a gentleman and a family man.  Simply put many members have said David will be remembered as “a really good bloke”, a man you could depend upon and certainly not someone to stand by when help was needed – whether that was helping to sort out a motorbike club, or to risk his life going to rescue someone in distress in the sea.

David you’ve left a lot of friends behind, you will be missed.  Our thoughts are with Mel, Autumn and the family – RIP

Norfolk Advanced Motorcyclists 29 October 2014



NAM members touring Scotland June 2014

NAM members, Neil Frame, Colin Lowe, Dick Turpin and Peter Rix, touring Scotland, June 2014.
There will be another, trip if anyone is interested, contact Neil for details.
DSCN0048 DSCN0049 DSCN0053 DSCN0054 DSCN0057 DSCN0067 DSCN0070 DSCN0084 DSCN0086

NAM touring around The Lake district, North Yorkshire, Pennines and the Peak district.

NAM Members, Neil Frame, Paul Unwin, Gary Funnell and wife Charlie with friends, touring around The Lake district, North Yorkshire, Pennines and the Peak district. – September 2014
nam-touring-1 nam-touring-2 nam-touring-3 nam-touring-4 nam-touring-5 nam-touring-6

South Africa 2014

023_(Medium) 043_(Medium) 144_(Medium) 258_(Medium) 260_(Medium) 267_(Medium) 277_(Medium) 360_(Medium) 373_(Large) 405_(Medium) 406_(Medium) 416_(Medium) 421_(Medium) 450_(Medium) 458_(Medium)

Two NAM girls & their journey to Yorkshire Dales & The Lake District


Two NAM girls & their journey to Yorkshire Dales & The Lake District

Day 1

Met Alison, chief navigator, at Tesco Dereham, early 5.30am, it was foggy & slightly drizzly.

Took A47 to A17 had a good uneventful ride to Newark.

Stopped at a Little Chef for a break rather cold and wet by now, this turned out to be a pleasant change for both of us, as the girls there went beyond the call of duty, took our gloves to be dried, as we tucked into smoked salmon & scrambled eggs on toast. Alison joked that she needed a hot water bottle. And lo & behold within two minutes one appeared.

We soldiered onto Otley and Bolton Abbey, Heading out of Burnsall, a lunch break approximately 1:15 pm at the Red Lion. And what a contrast to the last stop. Staff had attitude and bad manners, cheese sandwich, with hardly any cheese. We didn’t stay long.

Then headed to Aysgarth, took a wrong turn towards Pateley Bridge U turn, and headed off back along the B6256 onto B6160 up to Aysgarth.

Another stop at the Aysgarth Fall Hotel the landlord took our wet gear to dry while we had coffee. He then went onto produce his laptop to point out good biking roads and places to visit. What a star.


Onto Kendal via Hawes and Sedbergh, to be met by a pair of Peregrine falcons circling above, for our three nights stay. The Country Hotel in Kendal centre, so what did we expect for £30 a night each, Ok very basic would not stay there again.

Leisurely walk into Kendal for our evening meal, so we eat a lot, at an Italian Bistro. Alison ordered seafood lasagne and a coke. I ordered salmon linguine with a cheese sauce and a pint of real ale most enjoyable and well deserved. Back to base camp for an early night. And so ends day one.

Day 2

Woke to early sunshine, but by 7:30am the sun was gone, but still fine.

8:00am breakfast then onto Sedburgh, Ingleton, Settle, Gisburn, Clitheroe, Forest of Bowland and Waddington. Stopped in a pleasant village and sat outside, in the sun, at The Village Country Kitchen for tea and coffee with a homemade cheese & onion pie and steak pie.

Passed pleasantly talking to a couple at the next table, He was also a biker, and proceeded to tell us how many of his friends and family had been killed on their bikes. Not what we wanted to hear….


Heading on we came across a wedding at a small country church, where we had to stop to make another U turn, how I hate U turns, didn’t like to rev our engines too loud as the piper played his bagpipes to the newly married, silver surfers, coming out of the church. We rode passed slowly and quietly.

Heading up to Lancaster, in the wrong direction again, we stopped to check the map. Where a very good looking lad in a Merc tooted us, asking if we were lost, apparently he was a biker also and pointed us in the right direction the A683 to Kirby Londsdale.  Alison fancied him, thought he was lush, I  fancied the Merc.

Back to base camp, showers, and walk into town for a light evening meal.

Day 3

Awoke to bright sunshine again Alison, late on parade for breakfast, forgot to set her alarm the night before. We left the hotel, about 9:30am, to Windermere on the A591 onto Ambleside, Clappersgate, Hawks Head and Coniston. Took a coffee and stop at the lovely Waterside Hotel overlooking Old Man Coniston one side and the lake the other.


Heading back on the A593, my chief navigator miss read the map again; three miles down a dirt track we ended up in a farm yard   having to do yet another U turn.

Onto Wrynos Pass we began to climb Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!! Quarter of the way up there are hundreds of cyclists, a timed race, riding two, three and four a breast. Oblivious to us.You guys and girls that have ridden Wrynos Pass and down Hard Knott Pass will know it’s narrow and slightly hair raising. Shall I say no more ……………………..


At the bottom the village Boot sat the Woolpack pub where we had a very welcoming drink and listened to some musicians having a jamming session. Very entertaining .Riding on we stopped at Ambleside for tea at the Skelwiti Hotel, having Thai fish cakes, salad and chips. Oh!   Yes and pudding. Sun still shining at 7:00pm. Back to base camp, for some liquid refreshment, of the alcohol sort, and yet another early night.


Day 4

Up early, breakfast eaten by 9:00am and heading home. As we left the hotel Alison went one way and I went off in the opposite direction into town. Totally lost, pulled over rang Alison, who told me to stay put and she would find me .Which she did and followed her all the way home, must pay more attention and more observation, to the route Alison takes.

Total mileage 853. Great weekend already looking forward to the next one in September.

Ruth & Alison


Observers on a training ride-out


Nigel gets a helping hand


Nigel with his new GS 650


Paul with his new Miltistrada


A wet ride out to Rutland

rutland 1 11-5-2014 rutland_11-5-2014

Not your typical grand tourer

916_gt_3 916_gt

Dan and Vanessa on their trip over to the dark side







Dan’s first Better Riding day at Cadwell

dan at cadwell 1

dan at cadwell 2

dan at cadwell 3

Buy a set of Pirelli tyres and get a free BSB ticket to selected rounds!


Buy a set of Pirelli tyres and get a free BSB ticket to selected rounds!

More info


NAM – Seastar week-end

NAM this weekend got nothing to do?

SEASTAR are hosting an Open Week-end complete with the Ducati Roadshow Truck Demo bikes from both Ducati and Kawasaki
Seastar week-end
The weather looks good too……
Regards Paul m: 07834-600665

NAM D-Day beach tour 2013

d day beaches 2013 002d day beaches 2013 012 d day beaches 2013 155 d day beaches 2013 153 d day beaches 2013 147 d day beaches 2013 144 d day beaches 2013 143 d day beaches 2013 114 d day beaches 2013 109 d day beaches 2013 098 d day beaches 2013 065 d day beaches 2013 058 d day beaches 2013 044 d day beaches 2013 041 d day beaches 2013 021 d day beaches 2013 013

Some photos of the NAM French trip Sept 2013

NAM French trip Sept 2013 1 NAM French trip Sept 2013 NAM French trip Sept 2013 7 NAM French trip Sept 2013 6 NAM French trip Sept 2013 5 NAM French trip Sept 2013 2

NAM riders in France, you must have four reflective white stickers on your helmet


You may be lucky but if you’re not the gendarmes might relieve you of 135 Euros if you don’t have four reflective white stickers 


On your helmet and in this format.  Crazy but true – for full details

Funny thing is they’re not that easily available in the UK e.g. Infinity (was Hein Gericke) don’t stock them but Halford do

and I’ve also seen them on eBay.

They cost pennies and it’s a pain but 135 Euros could buy you a good evening out or would you rather be helping out the French taxpayers???

You have been warned – apart from that French roads are brill’

Take care out there – Regards Paul m: 07834-600665

PS: Thanks to NAM man Roger Whibley for reminding me !!!

Hi NAMers – NAM Polo Shirts!

NAM Polo Shirts!


Maybe it’s time to go buy yourself some nam gear – “Fruit of the Loom”.


Quality NAM logo’ed Polo Shirts available now and only £15

Contact Dave Jermy  m: 07931-581558 or e-mail  Dave at: [email protected]

 Regards Paul m: 07834-600665

Got a real dirty bike?

Got a real dirty bike???


Roger Whibley passed this on to me, might be just what you’re looking for with spring on the way or if you’ve a bike to sell. Either way try Graham


We’ve not tried them but the bikes and testimonials on the web look good

Paul m: 07834-600665

Dear NAM…

We’re having a “letters” section from March/April in the NAM mag.  We all have views on this, that and….
the other so let’s hear about it; whatever. “Letters” are first choice in most papers and mags.  It’s a good way to see what’s happening and where we’re going, so it’s up to you. Don’t forget to include your full name, NAM member number, your town and contact telephone.Send to me, Paul at e: [email protected]
Any queries then give me a call on m: 07834-600665PS: If you’re into pen and ink then post to Paul Milner, 53 Common Lane, Sheringham, Norfolk, NR26 8PW


Group Ride 15/01/12

Yesterday saw 9 riders brave the early morning cold in what were marginal riding conditions i.e. frosty.

Amazingly, 3 of these riders were new to the Group. Tom (Fazer 1000) had already joined by virtue of a Christmas present, and Dave (Laverda Jota!) and Cindy (Hornet 600) were ‘come along and see what it’s like’. Welcome to you all and well done for turning out on such a day.

With vital first hand weather information from Al i.e. ‘it seemed 3 degrees warmer nearer the coast’ (Gt Yarmouth), we decided to change the route to head East rather than the published route which headed West and ended in King Lynn (anyone see the Campbell’s tower demolition?).

We grouped up:-
– Matt (drooling over the Laverda and wishing he’d brought his Guzzi 1100 Sport), Ged (new Varadero – white, but not for long!) and Tom,
– Ian, Dave and Al
– Cindy, Paul (‘still getting used to my GS1200’) and me.

Thanks to Al’s correct weather analysis, we all had an incident free ride:-
– Plumstead Road to Acle
– Acle via Billockby bends to Martham
– Martham to Walcott via Happisburgh

Paul and I enjoyed an excellent ‘Full English’ – it had to be done on such a morning! Our reward for braving the elements. 🙂

Tom now has an Observer – me, and hopefully Dave and Cindy enjoyed the experience enough to join as well.

Perhaps if any of the new riders read this they might like to share their thoughts on their first Group ride experience.


NAM web-site info

NAM web-site info

When we updated the NAM website we “forgot” members like to add comment and read what other bloggers say – sorry about that folks.

Anyway it’s now sorted so if you want to put anything on the NAM site, text or photos,

e-mail direct to

[email protected]

Just so that you know items will be categorised e.g. stuff for sale, news, etc and all comments will be monitored as it goes live.

Over to you…

Thanks guys – Paul m: 07834-600665