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July 30th Route W4a approx 80m
Right out of Tesco’s to ring road and Left to A140
L A140 for 3miles and rbt
L B1149 to Saxthorpe, Holt
SO rbt A148 sp Fakenham
R B1156 to Blakeney
L A149 thro’ Wells
L B1155 to Burnham mkt, Stanhoe
L B1155 to Great Bircham
L B1153 sp Flitcham
R Uncl to Snettisham
L @ Jct opp Church
L B1440 sp Dersingham
R Station Rd ( just before Original factory shop)
Coffee @ The Granary on Left (just before A149)
PE31 7QU

Route S6 August 6th 50M GMT 1Hr 36m
Observers NB,MT/KM.SL
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Kimberley
L B1135 thro’ Wymondham
B1135 to B1113
R B1113/4 to Garboldisham
X A1066 B1111 to Stanton
R A143 sp Bury St Edmunds
L rbt thro’ Walsham le willows
R B1113 to Finningham
L 2nd turning sp Wickham Skeith
L Thornham “Four Horseshoes”
sp Thornham walks
L sp Field centre
Coffee at Forge tea rooms on right 01379 788153

Route N3 approx Aug 13th 77 M GMT 2Hr 17m
Right from Tesco’s to Ring rd, left to Asda
L A1067 to Bawdeswell
2nd L B1145 to Brisley, Litcham
X A1065 onto B1145
B1145 to Gayton
R B1153 to Hillington
R A148 to B1153
L B1153 to Docking
R B1155 to Burnham Mkt
B1155 to A149
R A149 to Stiffkey
R Uncl sp Binham to Langham
L @ jct to B1156
B1156 to A148
L A148 to Letheringset
L Uncl sp Glandford/wild flower centre
Follow signs for Wild Flower Centre
Coffee at Natural Surroundings on Right
NR25 7JN Tel 01263 711091

Route S31 Aug 20th Approx 60M GMT 1Hr 53m
Observers RT,JW/PS,GS
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
2nd exit unclass to Caister St Edmund
R unclass to Stoke Holy Cross
Unclass to Hempnall
R B1135 for ½ M
L unclass to Fritton, Starston
L B1134 to Harleston
R at L-hand bend avoiding village
R/L B1123 to Halesworth
R/L A144 to A12
R A12 to Yoxford
L B1122 to Leiston
R A1094 to B1069
L B1069 to Tunstall
L B1078 to B1084
R B1084 to A1152
R A1152
Coffee at Wild Blackberry Cafe (formely Ruddy Duck) on Right
Swanns Nursery, Eyke Road, Bromswell,
07542107994 IP12 2PN

Route E6 Aug 27th Approx 68M GMT 2hrs 9min
Right from Tesco’s and via city or ring rd to CJ Balls
Salhouse Rd to Rackheath
SO rbt Salhouse Rd to Salhouse
SO mini rbt to Panxworth
L at T Jn B1140 to Acle
L at Tjn then
L at T Jn A1064 to Billockby
L B1152 to Clippesby, A149
L A149 to Potter Heigham
L A1062 to Ludham, Hoveton
SO mini rbts to Coltishall, Horstead
R B1354 to Aylsham
R A140 to B1145
R B1145 to North Walsham
L Greens Rd to A149
R A149 to B1145
L B1145 to Mundesley/B1159
R B1159 to Bacton
Coffee at Sugar and Spice on Left
NR12 0EU, 01692 218118

Route C12 Sept 3rd GMT 70 M 2Hrs 13min
Observers DT,NH/GW,AW
Left out of Tesco to A47 rbt
A140 to Tasburgh
L B1527 thru Hempnall
R uncl’d Hempnall Green/Alburgh
L A143 towards Bungay
R B1062 to Uncl
R Uncl to Halesworth
R A144 to B1117
B1117 to B1077
R B1077 thru Diss to Attleborough
R A11 To B1172
L B1172 to RTL
R sp Wymondham Station
Coffee @ Station Bistro NR18 0JZ
(01953) 606433

Route W11 Sept 10th Approx 68 M GMT 2 Hrs 5min
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to Kenninghall
SO B1114 to Garboldisham
R B1111 to Larling
X A11 to A1075
R A1075 to Watton
L B1108 to B1077 rbt
R B1077 to Swaffham
R A1065 to B1145 (7M)
R B1145 to Litcham
R Uncl to B1146 (Sp Gt Dunham)
R B1146 to B1110
R B1110 to Dereham
Follow signs for Wymondham B1135 to Yaxham
Coffee at Yaxham Waters on R NR19 1RF

Route S4 Sept 17th Approx 60M GMT 1Hr 44m
Observers CC,TJ/RMc,ML
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Kimberley
R B1135 sp Dereham
3rd L unclass sp Reymarston
L unclass to Hingham
SO unclass to GT. Ellingham
L B1077 to Attleborough
L/R B1077 to Old Buckenham
R B1113 to Kenninghall
L B1113 to S. Lopham, Botesdale
R A143 sp Bury St. Edmunds
L B1113 to Finningham, Stowmkt
L to Stowupland
L A1120 to A140
X A140 to A1120
A1120 thro Stonham Aspel
Coffee @Stonham Barns on right 01449 711876

Route N2 Sept 24th Approx 55m GMT 1Hr 39Mins
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to Bracon Ash
R unclass sp Hethel, Wymondham
L B1135 to Dereham (thro’ centre)
R B1110 sp Guist, Holt
L B1146 sp Fakenham
L uncl sp Gressenhall 1 mile
R A1065 to A148 rbt
L A148 to Sculthorpe
R B1355 to Burnham Market
R B1155 to A149 coast rd
R A149 to Wells
Head for beach and car park
Coffee at Pop-in café Tel 01328 710461

NB The 5th Sunday of the month will be Obsever training days. Observers will be unavailable for observed rides.