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E2 Oct 1st Approx 65M GMT 2Hr 11Min
Observers KM,SL/NB,MT
Make own way to B1150
B1150 to Horstead
L B1354 to Aylsham by pass
R A 140 sp Cromer for 1 mile
(alternatively 1st R thru Buxton, SO XRoads)
R B1145 to N Walsham
L B1145 to A149
L B1145 to Mundesley
R B1159 to Bacton, Walcot
L Uncl to Caistor(Coast Rd)
R @ Rbt to A1064
L Uncl sp Mautby
R A1064 to B1152
L B1152 to A 149
L A149 to Potter Heigham
Coffee at Lathams

Route S35 Oct 8th Approx 65 miles GMT 2 Hr
Right from Tesco’s to Ring Road
L Ring Road to A1067
L A1067 to Drayton
L uncl sp Ringland
R @ Jct uncl
R @ Jct uncl s/p Easton
R @ Jct uncl (Church Lane)to A47
3rd exit @ RBT A47 s/p Swaffham
1st exit @ RBT uncl s/p Honingham to X roads
L @ X roads uncl s/p Barnham Broom
S/O @ X roads uncl s/p Hingham to (B1108)
R B1108 to A1065
S/O @ X roads uncl s/p Foulden
R @ X roads uncl s/p Foulden
L @ X roads uncl s/p Foulden to T JCT
R @ T JCT uncl s/p Gooderstone
L @ X roads then Left again @ T JCT to T JCT (A134)
L @ T JCT A134 s/p Thetford
2nd exit @ RBT B1112/uncl s/p Feltwell to A1065
R @ T JCT A1065 s/p Newmarket
L @ T JCT B1107 s/p Thetford
R @ JCT B1106 s/p Bury St Edmunds
S/O @ X roads B1106 s/p Bury St Edmunds
R @ RBT B1106 s/p Fornham All Saints to double mini-RBT
Left/Left @ mini-RBTs A1101 s/p Bury St Edmunds
to Left JCT
Left @ JCT then Left and then right to
Krazy Horse Custom Bikes for refreshment
W20 OCT 29th 66M GMT 2 Hrs
L from Tesco to A47
2nd exit at Rbt toCaistor St Edmund

Route C1 Oct 15th approx 69M GMT 1HR 55m
Observers PS,GS/RT,JW
Right from Tesco’s to ring rd
L ring rd to Asda
L A1067 to Bawdeswell
2nd L B1145 to Brisley, Litcham
X A1065 onto B1145
B1145 to Gayton
L B1153 to A47
L A47 to Swaffham
2nd L off A47 onto A1065
L A1065 sp Thetford, to B1108
L B1108 to Bodney, Watton
SO B1108 to Hingham,
Coffee at Lincolns tea and coffee shoppe
01953 851357

Route S17 Oct 22nd approx 68M GMT 2Hrs 9m
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to Kenninghall
L B1113 to South Lopham
(sp Edge Green)
X A1066
SO B1113 to Botesdale, Rickinghall
B1113 to Stowmarket
L B1115 to Stowupland
L A1120 to Earl Stonham (X A140)
SO A1120 to Earl Soham
R A1120 to Yoxford (X A12)*
L/R B1122 to Leiston
R unclass to Sizewell
Coffee at Sizewell T Tel: 01728 831108

W20 Oct 29th 66M GMT 2 Hrs
L from Tesco to A47
2nd exit at Rbt toCaistor St Edmund
R @ X RD to Hempnall
R @ T jn ½ mile
L unclass to Fritton/Starston
R Unclass to The Pulhams/A140
SO B1134 to B1077
R B1077 to Attleborough/B1108
L B1108 to Watton/A1065
SO unclass
SO @ Xrds to Tjn
R Unclass to Foulden/Oxborough
L Unclass to A134
R A134 to A1122
L A1122 to RBT
L A1122/A10 to Arbuckles Arbuckles Downham Market
Stone Cross, A10
PE38 0AD
T: 01366 388881

RouteN9 Nov 5th approx 58M GMT 1Hr 41 Min
Observer’s GW,AW/DT
Right from Tesco’s to Ring rd, left to Asda
L A1067 to Bawdeswell
2nd L B1145 to Brisley, Litcham
X A1065 onto B1145
B1145 to Gayton
R B1153 to Hillington
R A148 to B1153
L B1153 to Docking
B1153 to Brancaster
R A149 to Burnham Deepdale
Deepdale Cafe Main Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE31 8DD
Phone:01485 211055

Route S36 Nov 12th 62Mls GMT 2 Hrs 10 min
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
2nd exit unclass to Caister St Edmund
R unclass to Stoke Holy Cross
Unclass to Hempnall
R B1135 for ½ M
L unclass to Fritton, Starston
L B1134 to Harleston
R at L-hand bend avoiding village
R/L B1116 to Fressingfield
R (on Sharp/L Bend) sp Diss, Wingfield to B1118
L B1118 to B1117
R B1117 to Eye
L B1077 to A1120
R A1120 to B1115
R B1115 to Jct
R Unclas sp Rattlesden, Woolpit
L @ Jct Uncl to Rattlesden
R @ Jct Uncl sp Drinkstone,Woolpit
R @ Jct Uncl to Drinkstone
L @ Jct
R @ Fork sp Woolpit, A14
R @ Jct sp Thurston Planche
R @ X roads for about 1 mile
Coffee on Right @ Tickety Boo garden cafe, Harveys Garden Plants IP31 3SJ 01359 233363

Route E15 Nov 19th Approx 60M GMT 2Hrs
Observers ML,RMc/CC,TJ
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 sp Watton
R unclass sp Barnham Broom
L @ T-Jct sp Runhall
R @ X sp Honingham
X A47(R/L) thro’ Weston Longville
L A1067
R unclass sp Whitwell Common
Unclass to Reepham
SO at X rds to B1145 (Aylsham)
SO at rbt to A140
R B1145 to North Walsham
R at ATS thro’ Market place
L at junction to Happisburgh
SO B1150/B1159 to Hemsby
L Beach Road
Coffee @ Two Ways Cafe on Right

N13 Nov 26th 68M GMT 2Hrs 9m
From Tesco make way to Reepham Road
To Reepham
L @ Market place SP whitwell to A1067
R A1067 to Uncl sp Lyng
L Uncl to Lyng
L @ X sp Elsing to Dereham
Thru Dereham to B1146
R B1146 to Uncls
L Uncl Sp Gressenhall to Litcham
L B1145 to Gayton
R B1153 to Docking
R B1454 to B1155
L B1155 to Uncl
R Uncl sp North Creake to B1355
L B1355 to Creake Abbey
R Creake Abbey
Coffee at Creake Abbey Cafe and Food Hall

NB The 5th Sunday of the month will be Obsever training days. Observers will be unavailable for observed rides.