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May 28th Route W13 17th GMT 57M 1Hr 40min
Left out of Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Watton
R B1077 to A1065 Swaffam
R/L uncl sp Iceni Village
L/R uncl sp Beachamwell
L@ x road sp Barton/Bendish ToA134
R A134 to B1160 rbt
L B1160 to Southery/ A10
R A10 1m approx
L Uncl Ten Mile Bank, Hilgay Fen
Coffee @ Welney Wetland Centre
Hundred Foot Bank
Nr. Wisbech PE14 9TN

June 4th Route E7 45M GMT 1Hr 25min Observers CC,KM/RMc,NB
Right from Tesco’s and via city or ring rd to CJ Balls
Salhouse Rd to Rackheath
SO rbt Salhouse Rd to Salhouse
L mini rbt unclass to Wroxham
R mini rbt A1151 thro’ Wroxham
A1151 to A149
L A149 to North Walsham
L at 2nd ATS sp Cromer for ¼ M
L B1145 sp Felmingham
R at T Jn B1145 to A140
(Alternative Route avoiding A140 & 50 limit,
L on Sharp R/Hander, Tuttington Rd, SO X roads,
L @ Jct to Horstead)
L A140 sp Aylsham
L B1354 to Buxton, Horstead
L B1354 to Coltishall
R after Bridge B1354 to Hoveton
SO mini rbts A1062 to Potter Heigham
Coffee at Lathams on left.

June 11th Route S2 approx 90m
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
L A47 to A146 (county hall slip rd)
R A146 to RTL
L unclass to Brammerton, Loddon
L A146 to Hales
L B1136 to Hadiscoe
R A143 to A146 rbt
R A146 to A143 rbt
L A143 to Harleston
R/L B1123 to Halesworth
R B1117 to Stradbroke
R B1118 to Scole
R/L A1066 to Diss, Bressingham
Coffee at blooms of Bressingham tel: 01379 687464

June 18th Route W18 62 M GMT 2Hrs 5Min
Observers SL,PS/MT,RT
R From Tesco to RTL
L B1113 to Old Buckenham
L B1077 to Diss
L @ RBT Thro Diss
R B1077 to A140
R/L B1077 to A1120
R A1120 sp Stowmarket(X A140)
R B1115 to Cross Green
R@ Jct Uncl sp Brettenham, Bury St E.
L@ Jct Uncl sp Preston, Lavenham
L A1141 Thru Lavenham
R Uncl Bridge street sp Bury, Hadleigh
to A134
L A134 to A1092
R A1092 to B1063
Coffee @ Bizzie Beans, Cherry Lane G/C CO10 9DH

June 25th Route S8 approx 70m GMT 2Hrs 10 Min
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
L A47 to A146
R A146 to Loddon
R unclass to Mundham, Brooke
L B1332 to Woodton
R B1135 to Hempnall
L unclass to Fritton, Starston
L B1134 to Harleston
R/L B1116 sp Framlingham
R A1120 sp Stowmarket
L B1077 sp Helmingham hall
R B1078 to Needham Market
L B1113 to B1078
R B1078 to B1115
L B1115
R B1115 sp Sudbury
L A141 sp Corncraft
Coffee at Bridge Farm Barns, Corncraft, on Left
IP7 7AY 01449 740456

July 2nd Route N1 approx 62M GMT 1Hr 57m
Observers GW,GS/JW,DT
Right out of Tesco’s and get to B1150
B1150 to North Walsham
L B1145 sp Aylsham
L A140 sp Norwich
R @ rbt thro’ Aylsham
B1354 to Saxthorpe
X B1149
B1354 to Thursford
L A148 to Fakenham by-pass
R B1105 to Wells
R A149 to Cley On Sea
Coffee at Cookes of Cley on Right orCley Marshes Bird Reserve on Right
NR25 7 RX

July 9th Route C8 approx 63 miles
Left out of Tesco to A47 rbt
L A47 to A146 (C/Hall slip Rd)
R A146
L Unclass Sp Claxton/Surlingham to
L @ Jct Thru Loddon To A146
L A146 to B1136
L B1136 to Jct Sp Transfer station
( Thurlton Road)
R @ Jct to A143
R A143 to A146 Rbt
L A146 to B1127
R B1127 to A1095
R A1095 to A12
L A12 to A145
R A145 to B1123
L B1123 to Halesworth
L A144 to B1123
R B1123 to Harleston
R/R/L Unclass to Pulham Market
R @ Jct Sp Colegate End
Coffee at Goodies Food Hall on Left
IP21 4XU 01379 676880

July 16th Route S7 approx 63m GMT 1Hr 50Min
Observers AW,ML/NH,CC
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to New Buckenham
L B1077 to Diss
L A143 thro’ Diss
R B1077 sp Ipswich A140
L B1117 to Eye
R/L B1117 to Stradbrooke
R B1118 sp Dennington
R B1116 to Dennington
L A1120 to Peasenhall
R unclass sp Saxmundham
L unclass at T J’n to Saxmundham
R A12 for 2 ½ m approx
L A1094 sp Aldeburgh
L B1069 to Thorpeness
Coffee at gallery coffee shop opp. Lake 01728 453105
Parking charges apply at car park on left.

July 23rd Route E14 GMT 8M 2Hrs 30 min
L From Tesco to A47 Rbt
4th Exit A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Hingham
R Uncl sp Reymarston to B1135
L B1135 to Dereham
Thru Dereham to B1110
R B1110 to B1145
R B1145 to A1067
R A1067 to B1145
L B1145 to A140 Rbt
2nd Exit A140 to B1145
R B1145 to A149
R A149 / R @ RTS / L @ RTS
2nd Exit @ Mini Rbt / L @ Mini Rbt ( by Lidl) to B1159
SO B1159 / Coast Road to West Somerton
R Uncl to A149
SO A149, / B1152 to A1064
R A1064 to A47
3rd Exit @ Rbt thru Acle
Uncl sp Reedham
Coffee on right at
Moulton Nurseries
Telephone: 01493-750458
NR13 3AP

July 30th Route W4a approx 80m
Right out of Tesco’s to ring road and Left to A140
L A140 for 3miles and rbt
L B1149 to Saxthorpe, Holt
SO rbt A148 sp Fakenham
R B1156 to Blakeney
L A149 thro’ Wells
L B1155 to Burnham mkt, Stanhoe
L B1155 to Great Bircham
L B1153 sp Flitcham
R Uncl to Snettisham
L @ Jct opp Church
L B1440 sp Dersingham
R Station Rd ( just before Original factory shop)
Coffee @ The Granary on Left (just before A149)
PE31 7QU

NB The 5th Sunday of the month will be Obsever training days. Observers will be unavailable for observed rides.