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NAM Notice > Tomorrow is NAM Club Night

Hi Guys – a late reminder that tomorrow night is Club Night (I’ve been away on holiday that’s why)

We have Norfolk Blood Bikes (SERV Norfolk) to talk about exactly what they do.  Most bikers have an idea but to find out more and how you (that’s YOU) might be interested in joining up.

Just to let you know – the SERV speakers are Bill Farrow who is an IAM Masters biker and John Doran who is an ex Suffolk Police rider.

See you there 7.30 for 8.00pm usual venue –
Dunston Hall, Ipswich Road, Norwich, NR14 8PQ

Cheers Paul m: 07834-600665

NAM CLUB NIGHT Monday 21st May

NAM CLUB NIGHT Monday 21st May

OK bikers, this month we are talking abour cars, special cars.  In fact a jet propelled car designed to go 1,000mph and break the land speed record. BLOODHOUND half car, half plane weighs 7500kgs powered by both a jet engine and a rocket motor giving some 135,000 horsepower.  So quite a lot.


Want to hear about this feat of British Engineering.

Come to Dunston Hall Hotel, Norwich NR14 8PQ

7.30 for 8.00pm

See you there Paul m: 07834-600665

CJ Ball Breakfast Ride Out 19 May

NAM NOTICE – Breakfast Ride with C J Ball

Saturday morning at 10.00am 19 May meet up at CJ Ball but first before you can ride the latest from Honda and Suzuki you need to let me have your name. First come first served.  Check out your fav bike with no pressure!

And as usual courtesy of Chris on your return you will get breakfast free of charge – Now that’s a Real Deal.

Names please asap. Paul m: 07834-600665

NAM Club Night 16 April

NAM NOTICE Club Night This Monday

The talk was to be about tyres but instead
there will be a mystery talk entitled……….

“Twenty things you never knew about…”
You will leave Dunston Hall truly amazed!!!
Usual venue Dunston Hall Hotel Ipswich Rd
Norwich NR14 8PQ.  Time 7.30pm for eight.

See you there – Paul mob: 07834-600665

NAM Club Night Monday 19 March

NAM Club Night Monday 19 March

It’s hard to believe but spring is almost here – officially!
So kicking off the 2018 season we have Jimmy Mann
who passengered in the sidecar TTs in the late 1960s

“Passenger” being a rather euphemistic description !!!
The picture shows Jimmy doing his bit to keep the No 1
show on the road coming out of Parliament Square.
Usual venue and usual time, that is Dunston Hall Hotel,
Ipswich Road, Norwich, NR14 8PQ Time 7.30 for eight.

See you there Paul mob: 07834-600665

NAM Christmas Quiz Club Night

NAM NOTICE – Christmas Quiz Club Night

Don’t be late ’cause Monday 11 December is NAM Quiz Night


Yep it’s a week early because we reckoned you’d like the week
before Christmas clear to go shopping for those special presents.
There will be four rounds with one as usual on the Highway Code
plus a “table top” round where your team can ponder a while.

There will be prizes plus mince pies and spicy (alchohol free) punch.
It’s a social evening so feel free to bring your partner or a friend.
Usual time & venue 7.30 for eight at Dunston Hall Hotel NR14 8PQ

See you there Paul m: 07834-600665

PS:  BTW Don’t forget now that it’s getting really chilly out there –
water starts freezing at plus 4 deg C.  Low over night temperatures
mean icy patches early on the next day – under trees, bridges etc.

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