NAM riders in France, you must have four reflective white stickers on your helmet


You may be lucky but if you’re not the gendarmes might relieve you of 135 Euros if you don’t have four reflective white stickers 


On your helmet and in this format.  Crazy but true – for full details

Funny thing is they’re not that easily available in the UK e.g. Infinity (was Hein Gericke) don’t stock them but Halford do

and I’ve also seen them on eBay.

They cost pennies and it’s a pain but 135 Euros could buy you a good evening out or would you rather be helping out the French taxpayers???

You have been warned – apart from that French roads are brill’

Take care out there – Regards Paul m: 07834-600665

PS: Thanks to NAM man Roger Whibley for reminding me !!!

Dear NAM…

We’re having a “letters” section from March/April in the NAM mag.  We all have views on this, that and….
the other so let’s hear about it; whatever. “Letters” are first choice in most papers and mags.  It’s a good way to see what’s happening and where we’re going, so it’s up to you. Don’t forget to include your full name, NAM member number, your town and contact telephone.Send to me, Paul at e: [email protected]
Any queries then give me a call on m: 07834-600665PS: If you’re into pen and ink then post to Paul Milner, 53 Common Lane, Sheringham, Norfolk, NR26 8PW


Group Ride 15/01/12

Yesterday saw 9 riders brave the early morning cold in what were marginal riding conditions i.e. frosty.

Amazingly, 3 of these riders were new to the Group. Tom (Fazer 1000) had already joined by virtue of a Christmas present, and Dave (Laverda Jota!) and Cindy (Hornet 600) were ‘come along and see what it’s like’. Welcome to you all and well done for turning out on such a day.

With vital first hand weather information from Al i.e. ‘it seemed 3 degrees warmer nearer the coast’ (Gt Yarmouth), we decided to change the route to head East rather than the published route which headed West and ended in King Lynn (anyone see the Campbell’s tower demolition?).

We grouped up:-
– Matt (drooling over the Laverda and wishing he’d brought his Guzzi 1100 Sport), Ged (new Varadero – white, but not for long!) and Tom,
– Ian, Dave and Al
– Cindy, Paul (‘still getting used to my GS1200’) and me.

Thanks to Al’s correct weather analysis, we all had an incident free ride:-
– Plumstead Road to Acle
– Acle via Billockby bends to Martham
– Martham to Walcott via Happisburgh

Paul and I enjoyed an excellent ‘Full English’ – it had to be done on such a morning! Our reward for braving the elements. 🙂

Tom now has an Observer – me, and hopefully Dave and Cindy enjoyed the experience enough to join as well.

Perhaps if any of the new riders read this they might like to share their thoughts on their first Group ride experience.


NAM web-site info

NAM web-site info

When we updated the NAM website we “forgot” members like to add comment and read what other bloggers say – sorry about that folks.

Anyway it’s now sorted so if you want to put anything on the NAM site, text or photos,

e-mail direct to

[email protected]

Just so that you know items will be categorised e.g. stuff for sale, news, etc and all comments will be monitored as it goes live.

Over to you…

Thanks guys – Paul m: 07834-600665

NAMers who want to “chat” take note we now have a Forum

All you have to do is click the NAM web go to “Forum” then
register” with your “user-name” and “email
you’ll receive your password and off you go!

This is your talk-shop so you can be as
brilliant (or not) as you like, just remember
to “keep it legal”

Paul m: 07834-600665



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