NAM web-site info

NAM web-site info

When we updated the NAM website we “forgot” members like to add comment and read what other bloggers say – sorry about that folks.

Anyway it’s now sorted so if you want to put anything on the NAM site, text or photos,

e-mail direct to

[email protected]

Just so that you know items will be categorised e.g. stuff for sale, news, etc and all comments will be monitored as it goes live.

Over to you…

Thanks guys – Paul m: 07834-600665

NAMers who want to “chat” take note we now have a Forum

All you have to do is click the NAM web go to “Forum” then
register” with your “user-name” and “email
you’ll receive your password and off you go!

This is your talk-shop so you can be as
brilliant (or not) as you like, just remember
to “keep it legal”

Paul m: 07834-600665



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