£149 buys a Skills For Life package. This comprises associate membership of Norfolk Advanced Motorcyclists, a copy of “How to be a Better Rider – Advanced Motorcycling”, an IAM Test and one year’s subscription to the IAM once you’ve passed your test.

Although the “How to be a better rider…” book will provide you with enough information for your test, we recommend the purchase of a copy of Motorcycle Roadcraft:

The Police Rider’s Handbook (ISBN: 011341143X); for about £10.

The observers are all volunteers. However, during training, we ask that you give a small contribution towards the cost of petrol and the wear and tear on the observer’s own bikes. Typically, £10 per ride; with six or seven rides, on average, being enough to reach test standard.

Annual membership renewal of the IAM is £28 and £25 for NAM.

Contact Us to join.






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