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Author Topic: Group Ride Routes available as TYRE downloads
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Post Group Ride Routes available as TYRE downloads
on: May 25, 2014, 17:13

You may have heard or seen that the Group Ride Routes are now available as downloadable files in native TYRE format from this website (under Ride Routes and some links elsewhere).

TYRE is a freeware app (a quick Google should find the site you can download it from) which facilitates the planning and saving of routes. The routes can then be uploaded to your Sat Nav, Garmin or Tom Tom, via a USB connection between your PC/laptop and your Sat Nav using TYRE.

If you're familiar with using Google Maps then TYRE will be relatively easy to use, and if you're not then TYRE will still be relatively easy to use.

Essentially you place waypoints on the Google-Map-like map by pointing the mouse pointer and double-clicking. This will place a waypoint where you were pointing and allow you to name that waypoint, if the suggested name is not to your liking. Once you have completed your route you can then save the route as a file in either native TYRE format .trf, or Tom Tom format .itn, or Garmin format .gpx

You then upload the route from TYRE to your Sat Nav via a USB connection from your PC/laptop to the Sat Nav.

Things to be aware of if planning your own routes ....

- don't place waypoints too near junctions as the Sat Nav may then find a different route from what is shown on TYRE. This happened to me this morning coming out of Swaffham onto the North Pickenham Road. TYRE had shown the route going to Shipdham via North Pickenham whereas my Garmin Sat Nav decided the best way was via the A47 - not what I had intended! It was easily fixed by moving the waypoint literally 100 yards further away from the junction. 😕

- zoom in enough to be SURE you have double-clicked on the right point. It is very easy to double-click on a point away from the route you want, or even on the wrong side of a dual-carriageway - which then causes the route to take you to the nearest roundabout or interchange to get back onto the correct side of the dual-carriageway that you meant in the first place. 😯

I am happy to keep creating and posting the Group Ride Routes in native TYRE format for as long as I feel people are using them. Please feel free to give feedback if you find anything wrong with the routes published. However, the usual disclaimer .... I do not accept any responsibility for errors as you will need to check the route is correct on your Sat Nav before setting off from Tesco.

I am doing this with the full knowledge and permission of the NAM Committee.

Peter Rix

P.S. Obviously this is only relevant if your Sat Nav has the capability for uploading routes 😎

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