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The wrong way round!

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Good morning Northern route friends.

I seem to have mislaid you! Following a good start from Asda, we set off. A short distance later I realised I had lost my followers and pulled over in the large lay-by in Lenwade. A moment or two passed and I assumed they must have stopped and so I turned around and set off back to find them. Only a few hundred yards later and they they were! they waved, I waved and set off behind them. 

I got the impression we were winging it a bit with the route, but would eventually get back to the pre arranged destination. It was quite a spritely ride! I felt I might not have been progressing quite so swiftly alone, but nevertheless, managed to keep them in my sights and appropriately positioned etc. Both seemed to be doing exactly what you would expect from a NAM rider!

However, it all became clear when we finally two new friends were not the same people I had set out with! Both previous Nammers, but we had a pleasant chat and coffee at the Bure Valley Railway cafe.

So, my sincere apologies for managing to lose you this morning and I promise to make better use of my mirrors in future!


All the best,




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Oh dear.  Sorry to hear you lost your group Roger but found a friendly new group 😀 

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