Group’s rules for the conduct of Group rides

We would like to remind everyone of the Group’s rules for the conduct of Group rides:

Your machine should be roadworthy and full of petrol. You should wear suitable protective clothing including gloves and boots.

Dipped headlights should be used .

Do not overtake other members of your group, or another group, unless signalled to do so (at a safe location the leading rider should signal left, move over to the left and ease off slightly to allow the following rider/group to pass).

Do not speed away from the others in your group.

If you want to stop, find a suitable place and indicate in good time.

Tell the others in your group if you intend to leave the ride at any time.

You are in control of your vehicle at all times. You are responsible for your own safety and observing all the rules of the road throughout the ride.

Safety is paramount. Do not feel under any pressure to make compromises.

These rules are for the benefit of all our members and the public in general. They will sometimes mean exercising restraint. Remember you are ambassadors for the Group.

Ride Routes <click for info

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