NAM Club Night 18 March 2010, Tyre Talk report

We had a good “first night” at Dunston Hall, I didn’t count up but the room was full of tables and the tables were full of us!

Not for me to tell you how suck eggs but if you didn’t make it to the “Tyre Talk” it’s probably worth noting a few of Adam Rous’ comments on bike tyres, might save you lots…

1) There are three types of tyre, the sort most of us need is “Sport Touring”. On the road the others never reach or maintain proper operating temperatures In fact “Road Legal Race Tyres” when used on the road give less performance than road tyres.

2) Correct inflation pressures are far more important than worrying about having “sticky tyres”.

3) Go with the tyre make, type, size & pairing recommended by your bike manufacturer; he had the tyre company develop the tyres for your specific bike.

4) Run new tyres in, get used to the bike again, it’s going to handle just that bit differently.

5) Pressure check every week (cold) and look for damage etc. Uneven wear may indicate something else wrong with the bike i.e. worn shocks.

6) Repairs – motorbike tyres can be repaired but there are limitations and remember once punctured & repaired that tyre is damaged.

7) Manufacturers recommendation: Do not use liquid tyre sealants. They can camouflage problems, add weight and potentially adversely affect the tyre construction.

8) Go to a knowledgeable tyre fitting company, like HMT (t:01603-301999) where Paul and his staff will be in hand to advise, assist – and sell you the right tyres for your bike.

Our thanks to Adam for an enjoyable and informative presentation – if you have technical problems he is at [email protected]


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