NAM Club Night 18 October 2018

NAM NOTICE Club Night 18 October at The Cottage, Norwich

Yep folks winter is about to commence it’s freezing ways so what
better than to think about and to plan your BIG holiday for 2019.
This month Alex Jackson of Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours
will be talking about adventure motorbiking in South Africa – some
of us in NAM have been there with Alex and lived to tell the tale.

Motorcycle Adventure Tours

How about you in 2019?  Brilliant stuff.  This is an easy  introduction
into a different world.  Europe is great but Africa is something else.

OK – see you at The Cottage, 148 Thunder Lane Norwich, NR7 0JD

It’s the usual time 7.30pm for eight. 

Cheers Paul m: 07834-600665

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