NAM CLUB NIGHT on Monday 17th July

NAM CLUB NIGHT on Monday 17th July
You decide to explore the mountains of North East India on a m’bike…
specifically Arunachal Pradesh, India’s wildest and least explored state.
So what to buy, play safe go BMW 1200 GSA with the Touratech gear.
Yeah that sounds about right “only” about £20,000 but it’s a must eh?
Not if you’re “Ants” Bolingbroke-Kent, more like £300 on a 150cc Hero.

Ants will be with us Monday 17th July to tell all macho ruffy tuffy bikers
how – if you really want to do something – you can.  It’s in her new book
“Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains”.  See you there, bring a pal, you might
just be inspired to go beyond a place you never thought you could……
Usual venue Dunston Hall Hotel, Ipswich Road, Norwich, NR14 8PQ
See you there 7.30pm for eight.  Paul m: 07834-600665

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