NAM Club Night – This Thursday 17th June

“Beyond Bucharest”

Usual venue – Dunston Hall, Norwich

If you read your latest NAM mag you’ll know we have Bob and Viv Goddard coming to talk about their trip to Bucharest – all in Bob’s book “Beyond Bucharest”.

Bob and Viv – nervous grandparents, not fit youngsters on sponsored bikes with a back-up crew (Bob’s description) rode their bikes further than most of us have ever done into Eastern Europe where apart from experiencing seriously tough road and weather conditions they had to contend with street and town signs written in Cyrillic – seriously foreign and not made easy when you’re riding in torrential rain.

Bob will also talk a bit about their trip to New Zealand which is the subject of another book “Land of the Long Winding Road” – which sounds a tad more relaxing.

See you at Dunston Hall.

Cheers Paul
PS: All done for their chosen charity “EveryChild”.

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