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W22 June 7th Approx 60Mls GMT 1Hr 44m
Observer’s GW,MY/JY,RB
Left frrom Tesco to A47 RBT
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Hingham
R Uncls sp Cranworth/Shipdam
R @ Tjct to A1075
L A1075 to Uncl sp Bradenham
R Uncl to Swaffham
R A1065 to Uncl Sp Castle Acre/Castle, Priory
L Uncls Thru Castle Acre
L @ Fork to B1153
R B1153 to A148
L A148 to B1140
R B1140 to Dersingham
R on Sharp L bend Uncl sp Sherbourne
R @ X to Gt Bircham
R B1153
Coffee on L @ Bircham stores
PE31 6RJ
01485 576006

ROUTE E10 June 14th Approx 68M 2 Hrs 7Min
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to New Buckenham
L B1077 to Diss
L A1066 to B1077
R B1077 to A140
R A140 to B1077
L B1077 to Eye
L B1117 to Halesworth (sp Stradbroke)
L A144
R B1123 to A145 (sp Southwold)
L/R A12/A1095 to Reydon
L B1127 to Wrentham
SO A12 to B1127
R @ Jct B1127
L @ Jct B1127 to RBT
2nd Exit to Rbt
2nd Exit Uncl sp Worlingham
R Uncl To Boasts Ind Park
Coffee @ Rednecks Diner
NR347SA 01502710800

Route S17 June 21st approx 68M
Observer’s PS,MT/DV,SL
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to Kenninghall
L B1113 to South Lopham
(sp Edge Green)
X A1066
SO B1113 to Botesdale, Rickinghall
B1113 to Stowmarket
L B1115 to Stowupland
L A1120 to Earl Stonham (X A140)
SO A1120 to Earl Soham
R A1120 to Yoxford (X A12)*
L/R B1122 to Leiston
R unclass to Sizewell
Coffee at Sizewell T Tel: 01728 831108

Route N12 June 28th Approx 72M GMT 2Hrs 9m
L From Tesco to A47 Rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Watton
R @ Rbt to Ashill
R on S/left bend to T Jct
R at T jct to Holme Hale
L at Jct to A47
R/L A47 to Litcham
L At T Jct
R B1145 to A1067
R/L A1067 to A1145
A1145 to A140
R A140 to B1145
R B1145 to Mundesley
Coffee on left at the Beach Cafe
NR11 8BG
Phone:01263 720608

Route C6 July 5th Approx 70M GMT 2Hr 10min
Observer’s BS,GS/AW,JW
Right from Tesco’s to ring rd
L ring rd to Aylsham rd A140
L B1149 to Holt
L B1110 to Dereham
Thro’ Town to A1075
A1075 thro Watton to B1111
L B1111
L Uncl to Shropham, Old Buckingham
SO @ X to Village Hall, Airfield
L Old Buckingham Airfield
Coffee @ Jimmy’s Cafe
NR17 1PU

Route S38 July 12th GMT 62M 1Hr 53min
Left from Tesco to A47 Rbt
SO A140 to Tasburgh
L B1527 to Hempnall
R Uncl to Harleston
R on S/bend
R/L B1116 to B1078 Rbt
SO B1078 to B1084 SP Orford
R B1084 to A1152
A1152 to B1083 Rbt
L B1083 to Bawdsy
Coffee @
The Boathouse Cafe
The Quay
IP12 3AZ
07900 811826

Route N2 July 19th Approx 55m GMT 1Hr 39Mins
Observer’s DT.RS/RL,MY
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to Bracon Ash
R unclass sp Hethel, Wymondham
L B1135 to Dereham (thro’ centre)
R B1110 sp Guist, Holt
L B1146 sp Fakenham
L uncl sp Gressenhall 1 mile
R A1065 to A148 rbt
L A148 to Sculthorpe
R B1355 to Burnham Market
R B1155 to A149 coast rd
R A149 to Wells
Head for beach and car park
Coffee at Pop-in café Tel 01328 710461

Route W14a July 26th GMT 61 miles 1Hr 32m
L From Tesco to A47 RBT
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Watton
L @ RTL A1075
R @ jct s/p Wretham camp
R @ jct s/p Croxton to A134
R @ A134 to junction
L @ jct s/p Brandon to A1065
L @ A1065 to 1st Right junction
R @ junction to B1106
R @ B1106 (B1112) s/p Methwoldto A134 RBT
2nd exit (s/o) s/p Kings Lynn A134 to jct
R @ jct s/p Oxborough to T Jct (@ Lynn Rd Swaffham)
L Lynn Rd to A47
A47 West Bound
Coffee @ Heathside Truck Stop on L
PE37 7QE 01760 722345

NB The 5th Sunday of the month will be Obsever training days.
Observers will be unavailable for observed rides.

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