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S39 Feb 25th GMT 59 M 1Hr 56min
R from Tesco to B1113
L B1113 to Diss
L A1066 to B1077
R B1077 thru Eye to Debenham
R Uncls sp Winston Green to A1120
R A1120 Immediate R Uncl to Coddenham
R B1078 to Uncl SP Claydon
L Uncl to Jct
L @ Jct to A14 Rbt
3rd Exit B1113 to Uncl
R Uncl Pound Lane to Jct
R @ Jct to Limeburners PH
L Uncl to B1078
L B1078 to B1115
L/R B1115 to A1141
L A1141 to B1071 Lavenham
R B1071
Coffee on R @ Cafe Nini,
CO109PT 01787 827996

Route N1 Mar 4th approx 62MGMT 1Hr 57m
Observers ML,AW/NH.TJ
Right out of Tesco’s and get to B1150
B1150 to North Walsham
L B1145 sp Aylsham
L A140 sp Norwich
R @ rbt thro’ Aylsham
B1354 to Saxthorpe
X B1149
B1354 to Thursford
L A148 to Fakenham by-pass
R B1105 to Wells
R A149 to Cley On Sea
Coffee at Cookes of Cley on Right
NR25 7 RX

Route W14 Mar 11th GMT 61 miles 1Hr 32m
L From Tesco to A47 RBT
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Watton
L @ RTL A1075
R @ jct s/p Wretham camp
R @ jct s/p Croxton to A134
R @ A134 to junction
L @ jct s/p Brandon to A1065
L @ A1065 to 1st Right junction
R @ junction to B1106
R @ B1106 (B1112) s/p Methwoldto A134 RBT
2nd exit (s/o) s/p Kings Lynn A134 to jct
R @ jct s/p Oxborough to X roads (@ Swaffham)
R @ X roads s/p Town Centre to jct
L @ jct to market place RBT
Refreshment at Pedlars Hall Cafe, Market Place, Swaffham

Route C6 Mar 18th Approx 70M GMT 2Hr 10min
Observers GW, MT,/SL,KM
Right from Tesco’s to ring rd
L ring rd to Aylsham rd A140
L B1149 to Holt
L B1110 to Dereham
Thro’ Town to A1075
A1075 thro Watton to B1111
L B1111
L Uncl to Shropham, Old Buckingham
SO @ X to Village Hall, Airfield
L Old Buckingham Airfield
Coffee @ Jimmy’s Cafe
NR17 1PU

E2 Mar 25th Approx 65M GMT 2Hr 11Min
Make own way to B1150
B1150 to Horstead
L B1354 to Aylsham by pass
R A 140 sp Cromer for 1 mile
(alternatively 1st R thru Buxton, SO XRoads)
R B1145 to N Walsham
L B1145 to A149
L B1145 to Mundesley
R B1159 to Bacton, Walcot
L Uncl to Caistor(Coast Rd)
R @ Rbt to A1064
L Uncl sp Mautby
R A1064 to B1152
L B1152 to A 149
L A149 to Potter Heigham
Coffee at Lathams

NB The 5th Sunday of the month will be Obsever training days.
Observers will be unavailable for observed rides.