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Route S4 Dec 16th Approx 60M GMT 1Hr 44m
Observers JW,AW/BS,RS
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Kimberley
R B1135 sp Dereham
3rd L unclass sp Reymarston
L unclass to Hingham
SO unclass to GT. Ellingham
L B1077 to Attleborough
L/R B1077 to Old Buckenham
R B1113 to Kenninghall
L B1113 to S. Lopham, Botesdale
R A143 sp Bury St. Edmunds
L B1113 to Finningham, Stowmkt
L to Stowupland
L A1120 to A140
X A140 to A1120
A1120 thro Stonham Aspel
Coffee @Stonham Barns on right 01449 711876

Route W6 Dec 23rd approx 66m GMT 2 Hrs
Right out of Tesco’s to ring rd then left to B1150 rbt
L B1150 to Horstead
L B1354 to Buxton, Aylsham
L A140 to rbt
R through Aylsham on B1354
B1354 to Melton Constable
L B1110 sp Swanton Novers
B1110 to Guist
SO B1110 to North Elmham
R B1145 to Gayton
R B1153 to A148
L A148 to B1440
R B1440 to Dersingham
Coffee @ Thaxters on Left
PE31 6NA 01485541514

Route E3 Dec 30th Approx 52M GMT 1Hr 36
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 sp Watton
R unclass sp Barnham Broom
L @ T-Jct sp Runhall
R @ X sp Honingham
X A47(R/L) thro’ Weston Longville
L A1067
R unclass sp Whitwell Common
Unclass to Reepham
SO at X rds to B1145 (Aylsham)
SO at rbt to A140
R B1145 to North Walsham
R at ATS thro’ Market place
L at junction to Happisburgh
SO B1150/B1159 to Sea Palling,
L Coffee at beach Café

Route C15 Jan 6th Approx 63M GMT 1 Hr 57m
Observers SP,MY/RB,DT
From Tesco make own way to Horstead
L B1354 to A140
L A140 to RBT
3rd Exit Thru Town centre
B1354 to A148 RBT
2nd Exit to Rbt
2nd Exit A1065
L Uncl on R/ bend sp Pudding Norton (Green Lane)
to Gressenhall
L Uncl over B1146 to B1110
L B1110 to B1145
R B1145 to A1067
R A1067 to Uncl sp Whitwell
L to Whitwell
Coffee at Whitwell and Reepham Station
NR10 4GA
Telephone: 01603 871694

17a Jan 13th approx 74 miles GMT 2Hrs 19 min
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to Kenninghall
L B1113 to South Lopham
(sp Edge Green)
X A1066
SO B1113 to Botesdale, Rickinghall
B1113 to Stowmarket
L B1115 to Stowupland
L A1120 to Earl Stonham (X A140)
SO A1120 to Earl Soham
R A1120 to Yoxford (X A12)
L/R B1122 sp Leiston to B1125
L B1125 to Westleton
R Uncl to Dunwich
Coffee at Bridge House Tea Room on Right
IP17 3DZ 01728648872.
Can use top car park if required.

Route N6 Jan 20th approx 64M GMT 1 Hr 53 min
Observers GW,MT/SL,KM
Left out of Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to A11
2nd exit B1172 (old A11) to Wymondham
B1135 to East Dereham
Past market place
L old A47 past George hotel
old A47 to Scarning, Wendling
L A47 then R at next Jn
Unclass sp to Beeston Ind. Est.
R/L unclass to Mileham
L B1145 to Litcham
R unclass to Tittleshall
unclass to Hempton
R A1065 to A148 rbt
SO A148 to A1067
R/L A1067 to Bawdeswell
L B1145 to Reepham
L B1145 to Aylsham (new Jn)
L to town centre
R B1354 thro Aylsham
Coffee at Bure Valley Railway Tel: 01263 733858

Route W7 Jan 27th Approx 59M GMT 1Hr 57Min
Right out of Tesco’s to ring rd left to A140
L Reepham rd to Reepham
B1145 to Bawdeswell
R A1067 sp Fakenham
L B1145 to Litcham
L @ Jct to Unclassified
R Uncl sp Gt Dunham
R/L X A47
R @ Jct to Uncl
L Uncl sp Ashill
L @ Jct to Watton
L B1108 to Hingham
L Uncl to B1135 ( sp Reymerston)
L B1135 to Dereham
Thro Centre to B1110
R B1110 to B1146
L B1146 for 100m
Coffee on Left @ Corners Nursery, NR20 4HA
01362 869192.

NB The 5th Sunday of the month will be Obsever training days.
Observers will be unavailable for observed rides.

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