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N13 Nov 26th 68M GMT 2Hrs 9m
From Tesco make way to Reepham Road
To Reepham
L @ Market place SP whitwell to A1067
R A1067 to Uncl sp Lyng
L Uncl to Lyng
L @ X sp Elsing to Dereham
Thru Dereham to B1146
R B1146 to Uncls
L Uncl Sp Gressenhall to Litcham
L B1145 to Gayton
R B1153 to Docking
R B1454 to B1155
L B1155 to Uncl
R Uncl sp North Creake to B1355
L B1355 to Creake Abbey
R Creake Abbey
Coffee at Creake Abbey Cafe and Food Hall

Route E12 Dec 3rd Apprx 66M GMT 1 Hr 54m
Observers NB,MT/KM,SL
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Hingham
L B1077 to Harleston
L to A143
L A143 to B1062
R B1062 to Beccles
L to A146
L to A143 RBT
R A143 to 1st Left
L Uncl to B1136
R B1136 to Haddiscoe
L A143 to St Olaves
R B1074 to Somerleyton
L@ Blundeston ( junction off sharp right hand bend)
Coffee at Sally Anne’s/Holly Garden Nurseries
Flixton Road, Blundeston, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32 5PL
Phone: 01502 730648

W21 Dec 10th Approx 60Mls GMT 1Hr 44m
Left frrom Tesco to A47 RBT
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Hingham
R Uncls sp Cranworth/Shipdam
R @ Tjct to A1075
L A1075 to Uncl sp Bradenham
R Uncl to Swaffham
R A1065 to Uncl Sp Castle Acre/Castle, Priory
L Uncls Thru Castle Acre
L @ Fork to B1153
R B1153 to A148
L A148 to B1140
R B1140 to Uncls Sp Anmer
R Uncls to B1153
L B1153 to Great Bircham
L and L @ Village sign to A148
L A148 to The Crown Inn
R @ The Crown Inn
Coffee at Jane’s Coffee Corner
The Green
 PE31 8RD East Rudham, Norfolk, United Kingdom
07794 573183

Route S37 Dec 17th GMT 64 M 2Hrs 04min
Observers JW,RT/GS,PS
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
2nd exit unclass to Caister St Edmund
R unclass to Stoke Holy Cross
Unclass to Hempnall
R B1135 for ½ M
L unclass to Fritton, Starston
L B1134 to Harleston
R at L-hand bend avoiding village
R/L B1116 to B1078
3rd Exit @ rbt B1078
B1078 to A14
L A14 to Rbt
2nd exit @ Rbt sp Bury st edm B1078
L @ JCT just after low bridge SP Claydon
SO B1113 (opp The Lion PH) Granstead Hill
L @ JCT B1078 to Barking
R @ JCT (Barking Forge) SP Battisford
L @ Fork SP Valley Road to Battisford Tye
L @ JCT SP Wattisham
R @ T Jct SP Hitcham
R @ JCT to B1115
R B1115 sp Stowmarket
L just after bridge
Coffee @ Lakeside Cafe IP14 3BX 07780464595

E2 Dec 31st Approx 65M GMT 2Hr 11Min
Make own way to B1150
B1150 to Horstead
L B1354 to Aylsham by pass
R A 140 sp Cromer for 1 mile
(alternatively 1st R thru Buxton, SO XRoads)
R B1145 to N Walsham
L B1145 to A149
L B1145 to Mundesley
R B1159 to Bacton, Walcot
L Uncl to Caistor(Coast Rd)
R @ Rbt to A1064
L Uncl sp Mautby
R A1064 to B1152
L B1152 to A 149
L A149 to Potter Heigham
Coffee at Lathams

Route N2 Jan 7th Approx 55m GMT 1Hr 39Mins
Observers DT.NH/GW,AW
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to Bracon Ash
R unclass sp Hethel, Wymondham
L B1135 to Dereham (thro’ centre)
R B1110 sp Guist, Holt
L B1146 sp Fakenham
L uncl sp Gressenhall 1 mile
R A1065 to A148 rbt
L A148 to Sculthorpe
R B1355 to Burnham Market
R B1155 to A149 coast rd
R A149 to Wells
Head for beach and car park
Coffee at Pop-in café Tel 01328 710461

Route W12 Jan 14th GMT 70m 2 Hrs 6 m
Left from Tesco’s to A140 rbt
2nd exit unclass to Caister st. Edmunds
R unclass to Stoke holy X, Hempn’l
R B1527 to A140
SO A140 to B1113
L B1113 to New Buckenham
R B1077 to Attleborough
B1077 to B1108
L B1108 to Watton, Bodney
R A1065 to Swaffham
L A47 to Narborough
R B1153 to Hillington
L A148 to B1440
R B1440 to Sandringham
L King George Gates to
Sandringham Visitors Centre
Tel: 01485 544776

Route S22a Jan 21st approx 60M GMT 2Hrs 4 Min
Observers TK,CC/RMC,ML
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
2nd ext unclass to Caister St Edmund
R unclass to Stoke Holy Cross
L unclass to Shoteham, Brooke
X B1332 to Seething, Mindham
R A146 to Beccles
R unclass to Stubbs Green
R B1332 to Bungay
SO at A143 rbt to the Maltings
L unclass to B1062
L B1062 to Beccles
R A145/A12 sp Ipswich
R B1124/3 to Halesworth
L B1117 to Stradbroke, Eye
R B1077 sp Diss
R/L X A140 onto B1077
L A1066
Coffee on Right, Time out cafe Mavery House, Victoria Rd, Diss IP22 4EX  01379 308064

Route C9 Jan 28th Approx 74 miles GMT 2Hrs 13min
L from Tesco to A47 Rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Hingham
L Uncl to Attleborough
L B1077 to Diss
SO Mini Rbt to Palgrave
R @ X (Lion Rd) to A143
R A143
L Uncl to Mellis/Yaxley
L sp Norwich/A140 to A140
L/R A140 to Eye
R B1077 thro Eye
L Uncls (on R/H bend) SP Redlingfield/Worlingworth
L sp Southolt/Athelington
SO @ X roads
R @ JCT sp Saxtead to A1120
L A1120 to Dennington
L B1116 to Weybread
R Uncls (Low Rd, just after Norfolk sign) to Wortwell
R @ Jct to B1062
R B1062
Coffee @ Three Willows garden centre/cafe
Flixton Road 
NR35 1PD 01986 893834

NB The 5th Sunday of the month will be Obsever training days.
Observers will be unavailable for observed rides.