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Post lockdown Sunday ride outs are in line with government and IAM guidelines!
Be prepared it is early days so no guarantees re cafe opening or operation.

Route S14 June 20th GMT 69M 2Hrs 7m
Observers JW,RS/AW,BS
L From Tesco to A47 Rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Hingham
L Uncl to B1077
L B1077 to Attleborough,
Diss, Eye
L B1117 to Halesworth
Thru Halesworth A144 to B1123 Rbt
R B1123 to A145
R A145 to A12
L A12 to A1095
R A1095 to Southwold
R Uncl York Road by Police station
Coffee @ Harbour Cafe on Left
 SUFFOLK IP18 6TA 01502 722593

E2 June 27th Approx 65M GMT 2Hr 11Min
Make own way to B1150
B1150 to Horstead
L B1354 to Aylsham by pass
R A 140 sp Cromer for 1 mile
(alternatively 1st R thru Buxton, SO XRoads)
R B1145 to N Walsham
L B1145 to A149
L B1145 to Mundesley
R B1159 to Bacton, Walcot
L Uncl to Caistor(Coast Rd)
R @ Rbt to A1064
L Uncl sp Mautby
R A1064 to B1152
L B1152 to A 149
L A149 to Potter Heigham
Coffee at Lathams

S3 July 4th approx 50m
Observers RL,MY/MT,RB
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
L A147 to A146
R A146 sp Loddon
R B1332 to Bungay
R A143 to Harleston
R/L B1116 to Framlingham
L B1119 sp Saxmundham
R A12 to B1119
L B1119 to Leiston
L B1069 approx ½ m
R unclass sp Sizewell beach
Coffee at Sizewell T tel: 01728 831188

Route W15 July 11th approx 71miles GMT 2Hrs 6m
L out of Tesco to A140 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1180 thru Barford
1st left Uncl sp B, Broom
R @ T/jct to Mattishall Road
L @ X to Yaxham
L on sharp R/ hander sp Shipdham to A1075
L A1075 to Shipdham
R Uncl sp Bradenham ( three way garage) to Swaffham
L @ T/ jct to A1065
R A1065 to B1145
R B1145 to Litcham
L @ X Uncl to A1065
LA1065 approx 1/4 mile
R Uncl Sp Helboughton
R @ X Sp E.Rudham
R @ T/ jct to E.Rudham A148
L A148 to West Rudham
R Uncl sp Great Bircham
L @ T/Jct to Great Bircham
R @ T/ jct approx 1/4mile
L Uncl to Snettisham
L @ T/ jct to B1440
L B1440 to Dersingham
Coffee at Thaxters Coffee Shop on right
01485 545105 PE31 6NA

Route S4 July 18th Approx 60M GMT 1Hr 44m
Observers PW,GW/JY,DV
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Kimberley
R B1135 sp Dereham
3rd L unclass sp Reymarston
L unclass to Hingham
SO unclass to GT. Ellingham
L B1077 to Attleborough
L/R B1077 to Old Buckenham
R B1113 to Kenninghall
L B1113 to S. Lopham, Botesdale
R A143 sp Bury St. Edmunds
L B1113 to Finningham, Stowmkt
L to Stowupland
L A1120 to A140
X A140 to A1120
A1120 thro Stonham Aspel
Coffee @Stonham Barns on right 01449 711876

Route E3 July 25th Approx 52M GMT 1Hr 36
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 sp Watton
R unclass sp Barnham Broom
L @ T-Jct sp Runhall
R @ X sp Honingham
X A47(R/L) thro’ Weston Longville
L A1067
R unclass sp Whitwell Common
Unclass to Reepham
SO at X rds to B1145 (Aylsham)
SO at rbt to A140
R B1145 to North Walsham
R at ATS thro’ Market place
L at junction to Happisburgh
SO B1150/B1159 to Sea Palling,
L Coffee at beach Café

Route N8 Aug 1st GMT 61 Ml 1Hr 49m
Observers PS,MG/SL,JW
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Kimberley
R B1135 to Dereham (thro’ centre)
R B1110 to Guist (A1067)
SO B1110 to B1354
R B1354 to Saxthorpe, Aylsham
L A140 to B1354
R B1354 to Buxton, Horstead
L B1354 to Coltishall
R B1354 to Hoveton
L unclass after Railway bridge to
Wroxham Barns for Coffee Tel: 01603 784571

Route W3 Aug 8th Approx 62M GMT 1Hr 52m
Right out of Tesco’s to ring road
L on ring rd to B1150 rbt
L B1150 to Horstead
L B1354 to Aylsham by pass
L A140 to rbt
SO B1145 to Reepham, Bawdeswell
R A1067 sp Fakenham
2ndL B1145 to Brisley
R B1146 to Fakenham
R A1065 to A148
L A148 to B1454
R B1454 to Heacham
R A149 to Old Hunstanton
L B1161 sp Sea Front/ Cliffs
R Lighthouse Close
Coffee at Lighthouse Cafe on Left
PE36 5PN 01485532242

Route C15 Aug 15th Approx 63M GMT1Hr57m
Observers BS,AW/RS,RL
From Tesco make own way to Horstead
L B1354 to A140
L A140 to RBT
3rd Exit Thru Town centre
B1354 to A148 RBT
2nd Exit to Rbt
2nd Exit A1065
L Uncl on R/ bend sp Pudding Norton (Green Lane)
to Gressenhall
L Uncl over B1146 to B1110
L B1110 to B1145
R B1145 to A1067
R A1067 to Uncl sp Whitwell
L to Whitwell
Coffee at Whitwell and Reepham Station
NR10 4GA
Telephone: 01603 871694

Route S7 Aug 22nd approx 59m GMT 1Hr 50Min
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to New Buckenham
L B1077 to Diss
L A143 thro’ Diss
R B1077 sp Ipswich A140
L B1117 to Eye
R/L B1117 to Stradbrooke
R B1118 sp Dennington
R B1116 to Dennington
L A1120 to Peasenhall
R unclass sp Saxmundham
L unclass at T J’n to Saxmundham
R A12 for 2 ½ m approx
L A1094 sp Aldeburgh
L B1069 to Thorpeness
Coffee at gallery coffee shop opp. Lake 01728 453105
Parking charges apply at car park on left.

ROUTE E10 Aug 29th Approx 68M 2 Hrs 7Min
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to New Buckenham
L B1077 to Diss
L A1066 to B1077
R B1077 to A140
R A140 to B1077
L B1077 to Eye
L B1117 to Halesworth (sp Stradbroke)
L A144
R B1123 to A145 (sp Southwold)
L/R A12/A1095 to Reydon
L B1127 to Wrentham
SO A12 to B1127
R @ Jct B1127
L @ Jct B1127 to RBT
2nd Exit
Coffee at Posh Pigs on Right

Route N10 Sept 5th Approx 56M GMT 1Hr 56m
Observers MT,RB/MY,PW
R from Tesco to B1113
L B1113 to New Buckingham
R B1077 to Old Buckingham
L @ X sp Shropham to B1111
R B1111 to A1075
R A1075 to Dereham
Thru Town Centre to B1110
R B1110 to Holt
A148 to Cromer
L A149 sp Sheringham
Coffee at Blue Sky Café on Right
NR27 9AU

Route S 28 Sept 12th GMT 65Ml 1Hr 57m
R- out of Tesco
L – B1113 to New Buckenham
R – B1077 through Attleborough/Ellingham
L – B1108 to Watton
L – A1075 toward Thetford
L – B1111 thro’ E Harling to Garboldisham
L A1066 to B1113 to South Lopham
R – B1113 to A143
R A143 to B1113
L – B1113 to Unclass sp Walsham
R Unclass to A143 Rbt
R A143 to B1111
L B1111
Coffee at Hillcrest Nurseries on Right
IP31 2DU01359 250730

Route W1 Sept 19th GMT 54 Mls 1Hr 36m
Observers JY,DV/GW,PS
L from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
2nd exit Unclass to Caistor St. Edmund
R Unclass to Stoke holy X,
Saxling’m, Hempnall
L B1135 to Woodton
R B1132 to Bungay
R A143 sp Harleston
R @ rbt unclass sp Harleston/Starston
L Unclass sp Starston
L B1134 to B1077(XA140)
R B1077 to B1113
L B1113 to Banham, Kenninghall
R B1111 sp East Harling
L Unclass to Bridgham, Bretten’m
coffee at Thetford Garden Centre on left
Kilverstone, IP24 2RL 01842 763267

Route S5 Sept 26th approx 46m GMT 1Hr 27m
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
2nd exitunclass to Caister St. Edmund
R unclass to Stoke Holy cross
L unclass to Shoteham, Brooke
X B1332 to Seething, Mundham
R A146 to Beccles
R at 3rd rbt to Town centre
A145 to Blythburgh
R A12 sp Ipswich
L B1125 to Westleton
L B1122 to Leiston
B1069 to A1094
R A1094 to Snape
Left for coffee at Snape Maltings Tel: 01728 688100

Route N1 Oct 3rd approx 62MGMT 1Hr 57m
Observers SL,JW/BS,AW
Right out of Tesco’s and get to B1150
B1150 to North Walsham
L B1145 sp Aylsham
L A140 sp Norwich
R @ rbt thro’ Aylsham
B1354 to Saxthorpe
X B1149
B1354 to Thursford
L A148 to Fakenham by-pass
R B1105 to Wells
R A149 to Cley On Sea
Coffee at Cookes of Cley on Right or
Cley Marshes Bird Reserve on Right
NR25 7 RX

E4 Approx Oct 10th 46M GMT 1Hr 23m
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
2nd exit unclass to Caister St Edmund
R unclass to Stoke Holy Cross
Unclass to Hempnall
R B1135 for ½ M
L unclass to Fritton, Starston
L B1134 to Harleston
(L thro’ village)
L A143 to Homersfield
R B1062 to Bungay/Beccles
North thro Beccles village to Gillingham A146
R A143 to Haddiscoe, St. Olaves
R B1074 to Somerleyton
Pass the Blundeston X rds keep on B1074 for ¼ M
L Hall Rd past Prison
2nd exit mini-rbt onto A12
SO Tesco rbt to North Lowestoft X rds
2nd L down ravine sp Denes under Bridge
3rd exit mini-rbt past Birdseye, Baycover
1st exit at rbt Keep LH lane over bridge A12
coffee at Nemo’s café (Claremont pier) 01502 563799

Route W 17 Oct 17th Approx 76 miles GMT 2 Hrs 14 min
Observers RS,RL/BS,RB
L From Tesco to A47 RBT
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to A1065
SO A1065 SO X To T jct
L @ T Jct sp Northwold to A134
SO A134 to X road
SO X road to X road
R to B1112
L/R B1112 to A1101
L A1101 to Flempton
R Uncl to Risby
L Uncl to Saxham (over A14)
L @ Jct sp Bury St Edmunds
50 Yds R by Church to Hargrave/Meeting Green
L B1063 to A143
R A143
Coffee @ Café 33on Right (formerly Adams Cafe)
Bury Road 
Tel.01440 820009

Route S27 Oct 24th GMT 81 miles 2Hrs 22m
Left from Tesco’s to A47 rbt
SO A140 to Scole
R A143 Sp Bury St. Edmunds
L B1113 to Stowmarket
B1115 to Gt. Finborough, Bildeston
R B1115 to Chelsworth
A1141 sp Lavenham for 1M
L B1115 to Sudbury
A131 sp Braintree
R B1058 to Castle Hedingham
R A1017 sp Haverhill
R A1092 to Long Melford
Tiffins Tea Emporium
Drury House
Hall Street
Long Melford
Suffolk CO10 9JT 07854355098

Route N7 Oct 31st Approx 64M GMT 2Hrs
From Tesco’s Left to A47
L A47 then take Postwick exit to business park
SO / L / R / L @ rbts
follow unclass rd. to Thorpe End
R old B1140 to Acle
L at T/ Jn & L at next T/Jn A1064 sp Caister
L B1152 for 2 ½ miles
R B1152 to Martham
SO B1152 to Martham, W/Somerton
L B1159 to Horsey, Sea palling
2m after Sea Palling on sharp R/hander
L B1151 to Stalham
R A149 to Smallburgh
R A149 to North Walsham
1st ATS L B1150 sp Coltishall
Then 2nd R, S/o at min rbt follow to T/Jn
L B1145 to Felmingham and A140
L A140 to Aysham
R B1354 to T/centre, Blickling, Saxthorpe
SO @ R’bout
L B1354 to Melton Constable
R B1110 to Holt
Follow signs to car park coffee in town centre

Route W9 Nov 7th approx 60m GMT 1 HR 47 Min
Observers MY,PW/MT,JY
Left out of Tesco’s to A47 rbt
R A47 to B1108
L B1108 to Watton, Bodney
SO A1065 keep SO Until T/jct
R @ T/Jct to Oxborough
SO @ X Sp Eastmoor
R @ T/Jct Sp Barton Bendish
R @ T/Jct Sp Narborough
SO @ X to A1122
R A1122 to A47
R A47 to Swaffham
1st L off A47 thro Swaffham
(keep mkt place on R, George Hotel on L)
L Unclass Sp N Pickenham to Shipdham
Coffee at the Kings Head Cafe on Right
Shipdham, IP25 7NA

Route S10 Nov 14th approx 51M GMT 1Hr 43m
Right from Tesco’s to B1113 ATS
L B1113 to New Buckenham
L B1077 onto Diss
L A1066 to Scole
R A140 sp Ipswich for 1 ½ m
L B1077 to Eye, Debenham
L A1120 then almost immediately
R B1077 to Ipswich
R rbt A1214 to B1067
R B1067 to B1113
R B1113
Coffee at Suffolk Water Park on Right.
IP8 4JS 07412107024

Route E5a Nov 21st Approx 70 miles GMT 2 Hrs.
Observers GW,PS/DV,SL
L from Tesco’s to A47/A140 Rbt
L A47 to Postwick Hub
L Broadland Northway to A1067
R A1067 to Guist
R B1110 to Holt
R B1149 to Saxthorpe
L B1354 to Aylsham
L B1145 to North Walsham
R A149 to Smallburgh
R @ Tjn A1151 to Hoveton
L @ mini-rbt A1062 to Potter Heigham
Coffee at Lathams.

C13 Nov 28th GMT 74M 2Hr 26m
L from Tesco to A47 Rbt
2nd L to Stoke Holy Cross
L Uncl (by church) to Brooke
SO B1332 to A143
R A143 to Uncl
R Uncl sp Stubbs Green to A143 Rbt
SO Rbt to B1062
L B1062 to A145
R A145 to B1124
R B1124/1123 to A144 Rbt
L A144 to B1117
B1117 to B1116
R B1116 to Fressingfield
2nd L on sharp R bend Uncl to B1118
R B1118 to A140
R A140 Thru Diss to B1077 Rbt
R B1077 to A11
R A11
Coffee @ Route 11 cafe on Left

NB The 5th Sunday of the month will be Obsever training days.
Observers will be unavailable for observed rides.

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